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Gabrielle, 24, Los Angeles

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I came to realize that we don’t raise boys to be men, we raise them not to be women.

Don McPherson, former NFL quarterback, feminist, educator  (via seulray)

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Somethings never change. 

Don’t forget to submit your awesomer kid photos for the book and blog. 



You were an awesomer kid. 

Submissions for the book and blog are still open.




You were born more badass than cobra whiskey and tougher than Chuck Norris in a leather jacket. School was invented to lion tame your ways and homework was intended to keep idle hands busy. There’s a reason why “cool kids” is a thing and “cool adults” isn’t. It’s because being an adult sucks. Do you have photos of you kicking life’s ass so hard that your parent’s hair fell out? The last few pages of the upcoming book “I was an Awesomer Kid” still need photos and your awesomer self could go down in print history on one of them. Here’s what I’m looking for. 

- Hanging out in a tree fort of cool.

- Having fake tattoos. 

- Picking your nose (we all still do it and it’s still awesomer).

- Being ninja as shit and climbing stuff

- Getting stuck in an unexplainable situation. 

- Losing your mind in a toy store (or candy store).

- Making it rain on allowance day.

- Sleeping in a bitching sweet race car bed. 

- Having a broken arm from being too awesome. 

- WWF style wrestling. 

-Being a fat baby because fuck it, you don’t need to conform to those damn baby diaper commercials standards. 

- Or any time you looked so cool that when you look in the mirror now you question what you’ve done with your life and go for a day long drunk. 

Email all submissions to IwasAnAwesomerKid@gmail.com

“The world’s male chivalry has perished out, but women are knights-errant to the last; and, if Cervantes had been greater still, he had made his Don a Donna.”- Elizabeth Barrett Browning 

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